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In an era when digital technology is part of our everyday lives, talking about board games might seem retrograde. InGen Con, a big event focused mostly on pen-and-paper, board, and card games, reunited around exhibitors that presented new games to more adult fantasy game Being a board game fan or not, you might enjoy the following article listing the 50 best fantasy board games:.

Command a Hero to defeat the Darkness that is threatening to cover all land in this fully cooperative game. You will have to choose between five Adult fantasy game, each one with a unique deck of cards that gives the player freedom to impact the story in their own way. Through the actions of each player, the Boss Deck that controls the actions of the Darkness is activated, which allows all the players to control the impact it has on the game. In Star Wars: Rebellion, you will choose your side to engage into the epic conflict between the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance.

Controlling not only your troops, but also important characters such as Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine, Leia Organa and Luke Skywalker, you will be able to take part on an intense and epic battle. In this game, you control the leader of a small dwarf family that lives in a cave. Each member of the family represents an action during the turn, and your goal is to exploit the forest and mountains nearby to build up your home.

The player with the more developed home wins the game. Expand your family to increase your actions each turn, develop your farms, mine the caves to find ore and build new weapons and tools, cut down the forest in front of the cave and build fences to hold your animals. Caverna will provide you with a short and fun experience raising a family and increasing your wealth.

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This game settles after the death of King Robert Baratheon. The player will choose between one of the Houses of Westeros to fight for control and their place on the Iron Throne. In this complex strategy game, the player controls one of the fourteen groups spread through seven landscapes. The groups have to exploit neighboring lands in order to grow and develop their skills. You are a priest leading your civilization to dominate the ancient world and the Underworld.

Adult fantasy game can also acquire the city of Atlantis, but the city can end up sinking and taking all the forces in there down with it in case of a chaotic event. Players must gather resources and money to construct and upgrade buildings in order to gain prestige points; the one that earns the most prestige wins the game. Ankh-Morpork is a city building fantasy game set in the universe of Discword. Each faction has secret and specific victory conditions.

This is a simple strategy game in which you will use cards to play an action.

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In Elysium, you are an upstart demigod looking to earn the favor of the Olympian Gods and become a legend. Collect cards to gain allies, artifacts and powers, combine them to earn gold and victory points, then, transfer the cards to the Elysium and write down your Legend. Command a group of Rebel or Imperial pilots in this amazing ship-to-ship combat game.

The game features beautifully crafted miniatures and detailed components, such as the possibility of choosing how to equip your ships, that make each pilot you control unique. Runewars is a wargame in which the players choose one of four factions fighting to conquer the territory in order to build fortified cities, recruit heroes and, ultimately, gather dragon runes to be able to dominate the world. In Betrayal at the House on the Hill, you will explore a haunted mansion with your friends, facing spirits, omens and traps and finding valuable items.

But beware! Netrunner depicts the cyber-battle between the Runner, a hacker, and the Corp, a global corporation. On Mansion of Madness: 2nd Edition, you will explore the cursed mansions of Arkham guided and assisted by an app, which provides, between others, adult fantasy game narrative and the musical ambience. You will solve puzzles, fight monsters and collect weapons, tools and information in this intense and immersive horror adventure.

This game was inspired by the works of H. Lovecraft and set in the same universe of Eldritch Horror and Elder .

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Command a dragon in a fight between dragons and humans to dominate the land and collect gold. Claim or destroy villages to build an Empire and fight other dragons to stop them from stealing your riches. This fun and beautifully crafted game is a good call for an enjoyable evening with your friends and family. In this game, players dispute to be the most powerful settler on the island, building establishments, cities and ro. Each turn, dice are rolled to determine the resources the island produced and the players must collect them to build civilizations.

In Small World, you will play with two of fourteen different races wizards, amazons, giants, orcs, humans etc. This is a wargame based on territory building, in which the biggest twist is being able to control more than one race. In 7 Wonders, you control one of 7 great cities of the Ancient World and must gather resources, expand your city and affirm your military strength in order to construct an architectural wonder. This is adult fantasy game card development game in which the players also have an individual board to organize their cards.

If you are a fan of this kind of game, you will probably enjoy 7 Wonders. As a Champion, you must repair the damages and defeat the Orcs, Dragons, Undead and Demons before they reach the Citadel. Being able to choose between a Sorcerer, a Paladin, a Wizard, a Dwarf, a Ranger, a Rogue, a Cleric or an Eagle Rider, the player will have a unique experience each time they play.

Fight the Darkness that spread around Monarch City. In this cooperative card based game, you choose between commanding Harry, Ron, Hermione or Neville to increase the defenses of Hogwarts and fight the evil forces within its walls in order to ensure the safety of the school.

Each player starts with a deck and can add more cards to it as they gain influence during the game. This is a card-based strategy game with beautiful miniatures, in which the players will certainly have fun destroying the world and their enemies. In this game, players will control a guild of three unique heroes to defeat the vampire lord and reclaim Arcadia for adult fantasy game own.

They must face each other and several monsters controlled by the game to fulfill the many quests and be able to conquer the scenario before choosing how they will continue their journey. You will build your deck and compete in Regional to National tournaments for prizes and fame. Featuring around different cards, this game is versatile enough to allow you to play and replay it several times in a unique way.

Released inSurvive: Escape from Atlantis! Your goal is to transform all your opponents into ravens. Since it can be easily learnt and each game is very short, it appeals even to the most casual of players. Chaos in the Old World settles on the fantastic world of Warhammer. In this game, you will play as one of four Gods of Chaos disputing for supremacy as they corrupt the Old World: Khorne, the God of blood, war and murder; Tzeentch, the God of change, evolution, intrigue and sorcery; Slaanesh, the God of pleasure, passion and decadence; and Nurgle, God of disease, decay and destruction.

Defeat the other gods and fight the mortals trying to banish you while you spread chaos in the Old World. In Mice and Mystics, those still loyal to the king are turned into mice and must find their way through a twenty times bigger castle and many adversaries in order adult fantasy game warn the king and defeat their enemy, Vanestra. This game has very unique de and features, bringing the players together into a fun and ever-changing environment. Marvel Dice Masters is a dice building game in which players are able to choose from a team of pre-selected characters to gather a bag of dice that must be drawn through the course of the game.

As the players add more dice to their bags, they can draw more characters to use against their enemies. In this card-based game, the player must shuffle the decks of two different factions together into one deck in order to conquer more bases than their opponent. Each combination of decks gives the players a complete different experience in game. Be prepared to form unbelievable decks, such as a Zombie-Alien and a Pirate-Ninja, and play this game over and over.

This game is settled in the world of Shandalar, from the universe of Magic the Gathering. In it, the player must choose between the five different Planeswalkers and move through a customizable map with their armies to gain the advantage required to defeat other players. Settled in a world where humans are, mostly, either dead or zombies craving for human flesh, all the players, each one leading a faction of survivors living in a colony, must work together to survive.

But there is a twist: each player must fulfill a secret mission, that can be harmless to the group or even put at risk the entire colony.

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Dead of Winter: Crosswords Game is a cooperative psychological survival game settled in a post-apocalyptical world. If you like making hard and heavy choices and surviving in a world filled with zombies, you might enjoy this game. In Kemet, each player represents an Egyptian tribe asking for the help of their Gods and their powerful armies to score victory points in battles against other players and conquer new territories.

The game is divided in two phases: the Day, when the actions happen, and the Night, which is a maintenance phase. Mage Knight combines different elements of RPG, board games and card games to create a unique and fun experience. The player must choose one of the four mage knights in order to explore and conquer the land that lies under the control of the Atlantean Empire. Players can also choose between completing quests to advance through the scenario in a more aggressive campaign, or to stay in guard and defeat enemies as they appear. The game also counts with several expansions that represent scenes from the books, which creates an ever-growing experience to the players.

An ancient evil awakes from its deep slumber and threatens to take over our world. You must work together with your allies as you investigate the horrors this evil force brings along with it. In this cooperative game, players take the role of investigators as they travel the world to gather clues and solve mysteries, fighting monsters and other horrors in order to stop the Ancient One's arrival.

Eldritch Horror is placed in the universe of H. Lovecraft and has won awards in the past for its amazing artwork and exploration of the theme. You are the leader of one of several Viking tribes. You and others arrive at a lone, once prosperous port town as it is threatened by catastrophe after its Jarl died. Recruit warriors, hold powerful magic, and battle mythical creatures along with your army.

Fight to protect the people and win the glory that comes with it while disputing with other leaders for the position of the town's Jarl. Champions of Midgard is an epic adventure about conquering glory through winning battles and defeating monsters.

In Potion Explosion, you are a student on your final exam of a potion class and your goal is to be granted with the Student of the Year award. This will require you to collect marbles and mix them to create valuable potions. If you are a casual gamer who loves puzzle and is looking for a light-hearted experience, you will love this game. Once again the Ancient One seek for a passage into our world. Players take the role of up to eight from sixteen available investigators in this cooperative adventure game. Players will spend their time gathering resources as they fight through the streets of Arkham to close the portals opening around the city.

With too many portals open, the Ancient One awakens and it is up to the players to defeat it in one final combat. In your town there has been an outbreak, werewolves lurk in every corner and it is up to the townspeople to find out who has the adult fantasy game. Luckily, these adult fantasy game very skilled people, each with their own singular abilities that will help the group free the town from the werewolves trying to hide amidst lies and subterfuge. It is a fast paced game that expands on the idea of the original and may even be played in combination with it.

In this quest for power, you will travel the land and across worlds, battle mythical creatures, make allies and gather resources in order to reach the ultimate goal, the all-powerful Crown of Adult fantasy game. Others will stand in your way, they will try to stop you as they attempt to get to the ancient artifact themselves. Be the first to reach the Crown of Command, learn the Command spell and then use it to destroy all your enemies. Talisman is a classic board game where each of the players take the role of one out of the fourteen characters available, each character with its own stats, equipment and unique abilities.

The Heraklion Cluster has been out of reach for very long, now the violent storms that once surrounded it have dispersed and ancient treasures and uncharted planets lie there for the taking.

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All great factions of the galaxy want their share, if not all of it. It's a race for domination, with every faction determined to win no matter the cost. Forbidden Stars takes place in the Warhammer universe with each player taking control of one of the series' iconic factions. They fight to claim key objectives scattered throughout the map, while making use of each faction's unique units and play styles.

Adult fantasy game

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