Adult text adventure game

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I started off playing Zork on my Apple ][, long long ago.

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Moved on to Infidel first game I managed to complete and Enchanter. I became totally addicted to text adventure games although I played a lot of Wizardry toospecifically the Infocom games with their wonderful parser. The benefit is that only the z-code interpreter had to be ported to a new machine, and all the z-code games would immediately be available for that machine.

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As such, Infocom games ran on just about every machine of the time. Of course, a lot of people, myself included, tried to reverse-engineer the z-code interpreter. I managed to break the copy protection In Apple terms, the game was not very hard to crackand I disassembled parts of the interpreter, but that's about as far as I got.

Eric Smithon the other hand, did the job properly. Nowadays, you can get a z-code interpreter like Frotz and download new z-code games to get an idea of what it's all about. About 10 years ago Activision re-released most of the games in two volumes, the "Lost Treasures of Infocom". I managed to snag volume 1 at the time, it doesn't have the feelies but it does have maps and clues. You can still find these on the net and on eBay. Some of the games are also available for download.

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