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Sibling Games.

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This work is copyrighted to the author Please don't remove the author information or make any changes to this story. You may not repost this without the expressed permission of the author. One or the other pretends they are asleep on the couch. The other sibling tries to prove they aren't sleeping by touching them or doing something that makes them move or open their eyes.

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When they start undressing the sleeper, things start getting interesting. It all started when we were really young.

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Beth and I were always trying to trick each other. I think it was Beth who tried to pretend like she was asleep to get me to leave her alone. I knew she wasn't sleeping, so I tried to prove it. At first, I clapped my hands, tickled her and things like that, which ultimately won out, but I also got into trouble from Mom asstr games Dad when she got angry. Then I moved to more subtle efforts. I tried touching her where I knew she was ticklish or blowing on her face to get her to open her eyes, but over time, she learned to not react.

It got harder and harder to get her to open her eyes or say something. We both got pretty adept at giving no reaction to the other's teasing, and it actually became a fun little game we'd play. Things suddenly changed when I was 15 and Beth was We were in the den watching the TV, and our show had just ended. I started off by doing the usual tricks.

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I blew in her ear, then I blew up her nose. Neither had any affect. Then I lightly traced my finger on her skin along the edge of her shirt collar. Still no affect. She was wearing a button-down dress that was typical for around the house, and I decided to take it a step further. I started unbuttoning the buttons down the front. Again, no affect. By the time I got down to her waist, I could see that she wasn't wearing a bra.

I didn't really expect her to be wearing one, but it was a realization I made. Almost immediately after that, I considered the trouble I'd be in if Mom or Dad walked in. I remembered that Dad was going out to the garage to work on his car, and Mom said she was going to do some sewing. I was sure Beth would respond soon, so I continued. As I neared her thighs, I heard Dad come asstr games from the garage, so I quickly got up and went to the door. I looked down at her, and I felt arousal as I saw her naked chest and stomach between the sides of her dress.

I couldn't believe she wasn't feeling any modesty by having me look at her like that. I realized that she figured I was trying to make her move by pretending we were about to be caught. She didn't know that I was serious. Dad didn't come in to the den. He walked by and mumbled something about having to go to the auto parts store to get something. He called to Mom and said he'd be out for a while and then left. I turned back to Beth, and my arousal quickly returned. Asstr games still had three buttons to go before her dress would be completely open. This was fun, I thought to myself. As soon as I heard the door close as Dad left, I went back to unbuttoning her dress.

My hands were shaking as I did. It was strange. I didn't know why I was shaking, but I knew that my stiff erection pressing on my pants wanted me to strip her naked. How far would she let me go before she "woke up? By the time I reached the last button, her dress had split apart enough for me to see her panties. They were pretty, flowered cotton, and there was evidence that she needed to pee in the form of a wet spot just barely evident at the top of her thighs.

I released the last button, and the dress split apart, asstr games over her thighs. It remained closed enough on her chest to cover her breasts, but her flat tummy, hips and panties were completely exposed.

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Very slowly, I lifted one side of her dress right at her sternum and placed it carefully over her arm, uncovering her breast completely. She had small breasts; just barely developing. The areola looked puffy and shiny, and her nipple looked big and stiff. I was surprised at how much bigger her nipple had become than mine, and the soft bulge of her breast tempted my curiosity. I poked at it with my index finger, and found the pink areola was soft and spongy, while the rest of the small mound was quite firm.

I pinched her nipple gently, and I almost saw a reaction. She still did not move. My next step was to expose her other breast and touch it as I had the first. Again I thought I saw movement, but she continued to pretend she was sleeping. Using both hands, I cupped both her breasts and massaged them. Still no reaction. Okay, I was now struggling with ideas to make her admit to being awake. My lust was driving me to distraction, and I continued to wonder just how far she was going to let me go.

I decided to take it another step further. Looking at her completely displayed on the couch, I couldn't help but be highly sexually charged. Beth had a fabulous body for a year-old. She was slender and fit, apparently from all the swimming she did. Her breasts were bigger than any naked breasts I'd seen on a real girl, and I have to admit, her face and hair were gorgeous. Friends of mine were always commenting on how cute she was and how they'd do her in a minute, but I had always thought they were just being gross.

Looking at her exposed the way she was, I had to admit I'd consider doing her, too. My next step was to run my fingers along the upper seam of her panties, pushing it down slightly. Each time I crossed her soft abdomen, I pushed the seam down a little further. I got it down to where it exposed about a half-inch of her pubic hair, but I couldn't get it to go any further.

The way she was sitting on the couch kept her panties pretty much in place. I ran my fingers through her pubic hair, allowing the tips to skim under her panties, and she still did not move. Her pubic hair was quite soft and sparse, and my hard-on was about ready to explode. It was now time to bring this whole charade to an end. I left the room for a minute to go to the kitchen. Taking the opportunity, I verified Mom was still doing her sewing and Dad wasn't home. Then I got a pair of scissors out of the kitchen drawer asstr games returned. She didn't even seem to notice that I'd left, and anyone could have come in and seen her like she was.

I opened and closed the scissors a few times loudly so she could hear what they were. Still, no reaction. I slid one blade of the scissors under her panties right by her hip. She had to feel the cold metal as it slid down her warm skin, but she didn't move.

I started snipping, but the material didn't cut right away. I had to work it a few times before it finally snipped her panties clear through. As soon as I had snipped the material the full length of her hip, the elastic snapped it apart. Very little was exposed except asstr games her entire hip, so I focused on her other hip and started snipping it. In a matter of seconds, I had cut both sides of her panties, and now just the material in the front covered her most treasured secret place.

To my complete surprise, she still did nothing to stop me. Now, the final moment. I raised the cotton asstr games covering her young pussy and laid it down between her thighs. Her legs were slightly apart, but not enough for the material to pull away from her slit completely. Her pussy lips and entire pubic area were on display. I thought I was going to explode. I was surprised that she didn't run off to the bathroom but chose to remain and let me strip her. A strong musky odor emanated from her pussy, and I just pd it was because that part of her body was so well asstr games, it didn't get enough air to keep it clean and dry.

My own genitals often had a slight odor after being confined in clothes the whole day. Just as I used my index finger to feel the wetness around her pussy lips and was about to spread them, I heard Mom coming. Where are you? Immediately, I leaped up and went to the den door. What's the matter? I got so excited about watching the Sarah Connor Chronicles that I forgot. Inside, I was panicking. What would Mom say if she saw Asstr games exposed like she was, especially with me obviously coming out of the room.

I was sure my life was over. I turned to look at her, and she looked a bit flushed, but her dress was completely buttoned, and there was no evidence of our little game. We went to the kitchen and started to clean up. Nothing was said for a long time until Beth broke the silence with, "You know this raises the bar on our little game, don't you? We were talking in hushed tones, just in case if Mom came back. She continued, "You stripped me completely. If Mom hadn't have come in, you'd probably have fucked me, too, you big pervert.

Asstr games

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