Bad manners game

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Discussion Reviews Apr 30, 8, Overview : After the unsuccessful attempt to usurp the throne, the disgraced Prince Hans Westergaard gets a sudden offer to become the principle of the Imperial College of Proper Ladies. The mysterious benefactor who made the offer promises its powerful patronage, and maybe even the throne, if Hans can change the proper ladies into… ordinary sluts.

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First hesitant, Hans zealously accepts the offer when he learns that the sister-princesses who ruined his plans will also be attending the College! Spoiler You don't have permission to view the spoiler content. Log in or register now. Last edited by a moderator: Jul 11, Reactions: trainzebraNa4uEd and others.

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Aug 9, 4 1. Interesting premise, decent art, and kinda funny to boot. Reactions: Arcane Sep 10, 97 It said EP2 does it include EP1 or it's a separate game? Reactions: SuperCowardGabawLunarius and 7 others. Jun 11, 15 8. How much content is there so far? Reactions: Skrrrtboi. Papa Ernie Squirrel!? Dec 4, 12, 39, Reactions: Gabaw and pornpanda. Mar 2, 41 6. What is this? Reactions: Deleted member Aug 7, 1, 2, Reactions: orto23Poopballzkoshak13 and 55 others.

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Sep 22, 19 Not worth the download yet. Reactions: SerafinO and Brololol.

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Sep 21, 63 Feb 4, 37 Reactions: Valanthe. Fenric Andrias Active Member. Nov 9, How do you get into the library? Reactions: cheers May 3, Luckzor Active Member. May 2, Fenric Andrias said:.

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Reactions: HermiesBukkake HairCut and bernthal. DominicLC Member. Jun 29, So what's the content that only the russian one has? Apr 5, Reactions: mosztersaravananhitmanbhi and 3 others. Aug 19, Why does they always havee to take the gross villain and put him in a position of power. Reactions: qwerty Chel Active Member. Jun 1, 1, Will we see Spiderman in this tho? And will he get Elsa pregnant? That's how the lore went, right? Reactions: Darth SidiousGalatoineTanliarian and 11 others.

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Bad manners game

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