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Latest Updates. Live Sex Cams. Live Cam Girls. Log in. New posts. Forums Adult Games Games. Discussion Reviews Prev 1 bbben games Go to. Go to. First Prev 33 of 50 Go to. Jul 6, TripleV said:. I hadn't played the individual endings yet and now it is more likely I never will as this really doesn't seem like a game for me as someone who doesn't care at all for harem endings. However, having written that, that isn't a criticism towards the game as that is just a preference after all. As for the latter question on agreeing about the approach, I mean I guess it does make sense if that is the way to tell the story.

Although I don't know why call it a meta story at that point as based on your description it is literally the only story in the game and there are no choices for the players to really make about anything in it.

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Again if I'm understanding this correctly. How good a method it is to tell that story is impossible to comment on, especially since I found myself having to delete several snarky comments as I really haven't seen a harem ending that made the indivdiual relationships feel meaningful and I really struggle to understand how it would happen here. However if it does, good on you.

TripleV Newbie. Jun 10, 78 BBBen said:. Bbben games, fair enough, if you aren't interested in the premise it might not be the game for you. Will you allow a question though, as this is something I am genuinely curious about. I'm assuming there was a narrative de reason for it and I'm just interested, and in no way in a snarky way, why you decided to shift to this direction?

EDIT: Also, to push back, Bbben games don't think it's fair to state that I'm not in the premise of the game, as I mentioned I find it an interesting premise as presented. Where my interest diverges is that I don't like harem endings, but when I first played the game, there was nothing to indicate that was the only option available in it.

Okay, thanks for the answer, even if I don't quite understand the timeline thing as those individual endings in those games excluded each other out. Also, I still kind of contest the term premise there as that might have been your approach as a writer, but that's not the premise that the player is introduced to the game with. To give a concrete example, before the individual endings, when playing the game, what reason would the player have to expect that there was only one possible ending to the game itself?

Semantic issue, I realize, but it is more from my argument that I did enjoy the premise of the game as presented a lot. Well, just because by it's very nature it's a 'harem game' in which juggling relationships is the main gameplay element. If the endings are really bothering you that's a shame, but if you've liked what you've played so far I'd suggest maybe not pre-judging on the rest of the content. But again, bbben games it really doesn't sound like it'll appeal to you, that's fine too. Aug 8, But I don't quite understand how I'm pre-judging it as if I don't like harem endings and you've literally stated that this game only has a harem ending, aren't I then accepting the game as you've described it as?

As my enjoyment was prior to this knowledge, which does change things. Also on the harem game aspect, to continue a discussion I hope you at least find engaging on some level, when playing the game I understood it was a harem game in the sense that there were multiple women you could purse simultaneously, but I did not realize the game narrative required you to purse all of them in order to reach the only available ending.

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So when playing back then, I thought I could just focus on just one woman in question with also reaching a meaningful ending with her alone. Now, the fact that this is a game that, without literally any al early, only has one ending that forces that harem creates a few bbben games. One is a character dynamic one that I won't focus on here, but the other is the removal of choice which is usually a big element in harem games like this.

To give a concrete example, out of the three women introduced at the start of the game, I found one of them utterly unappealing.

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Like couldn't care less about her. Now, thinking that I had a choice when playing then, that didn't have any negative impact on my gaming experience as I just ignored that character. However, now if I were to play it, I would know that I would have to endure scenes with a character that I did not find interesting at all in order to have an ending where that character was also a core romantic choice. Thus by introducing that single ending, you also remove ability to avoid content the player would not prefer.

Jul 20, Reactions: heartofsword. The idea is that there are usually an ending for the whole harem, an ending for each girl, and sometimes an ending for a combo of girls. This has been the case for pretty much all of his Pervert Action games.

In the past, you could only attempt a Harem route after supposedly completing all the endings yourself or just looking up the codeand I have no idea if you have to complete all the other endings in this game to do this. The point is - if you want, you could simply go for the girl you like, get her ending, and then stop playing the game once you're satisfied. But bbben games, the harem ending is the ending that is supposed to happen. I guess. Teal Member. Did you fix the bug Ben?

It's completely unplayable til that bug is fixed, which is a real shame as the game looks great. Nov 7, Me no English good. Bug fix yes? No bug fix me no play. Ashley young Active Member. Dec 4, I always try to do a speedrun and end up ignoring certain girls because some user here said to optimse time in this game.

Edit: The dev should also look into RenPy. The bbben games engine seems to be based off a buggy version of RPGM. Renpy is easier to code, and is perfect for VNs as well. Last edited: Aug 4, Dec 25, 19 Mar 8, 11 2.

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My save from Feb of this year is super buggy, I can't save, or bring up the menu, it bbben games it. Would someone with a current save complete is great, but anything working at this version would be great. Dec 6, 1 0. Playing the latest version without audio causes the same issues where after loading into my old saves, trying to bbben games menu, stats, save, or load causes infinite loading. Teal said:. Reactions: Scyra. Aug 6, 2, 2, Little confused on what you said earlier.

Having to play in one sitting is a huge restriction no other engine has as far as I know. I can't imagine what rumored short comings renpy had, but I really hope no one uses this engine on any game in the future. Saves are basic functionality, putting more content into the game feels like working on a car but never putting in the engine.

AC is nice, but not if the car is forever stationary. And doesn't TimeStamps use this engine too? That has had working saves for as long as I've played it. But if you can't get your saves working, put a replay gallery in at least. The quick start features just don't cut it, it's still way too long to get where you want.

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Having unlockable replays at least feels like you get "credit" for what you have done before and could cut the feeling of futility. When I reload an old save in past Pervert Action games it feels good to look back on the work I put into the stats in that run my Kimiko run is dear bbben games me, makes me feel closer to her because I focused my stats and items on her. It's a good rush of nostalgia, I don't think fast forwarding until you get to something new can touch that. I'm not immersed at that point. Makes the story a blur in the mind and I find myself fast forwarding parts of the new stuff too, due to habituation.

I'm not saying making a game you just run through quickly isn't valid, it is. But then the game play systems are just annoyances. Just feels like a carryover for no reason then. You can make it a straight linear vn, that might be better. Maybe have the stats active in a "nostalgia mode" for first timers or people who'd like that. Crypt New Member. Jul 19, 8 7.

So was playing the game and the event where you find the mute girl sleeping in the hallway and the other one in her nightgown shizu and nobuku and saved it there and now whenever i load into the game and choose a dialogue option nothing happens dialogue disappears. Crypt said:. Show hidden low quality content. You must log in or register to reply here. Top Bbben games.

Bbben games

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