Crusoe had it easy happily ever after

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Return to Free sexy games. Crusoe Had It Easy Complete and totally free games the author can request a non-obligatory financial contribution in thanks or to help him to create new game. Post a reply. The game has original art.

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It's all the author's aesthetic choice. There's plenty of sexy action if you make the right choices. I have gotten 5 out of 7 endings. I have the rape ending, the happily ever after sort of ending, the gentleman ending can't remember the other 2. I have figured out to find the plant but not how to use it. Using the "sleep inducing option seems to be the only one that allows cuz to pick up the plant but he won't use it on Sophie when given the opportunity.

Any hints or help would be appreciated. To see all the endings, you've got to do playthroughs as a nice guy, an asshole and somewhere inbetween. Re: Crusoe Had It Easy by ut1stgear1 » Mon, 15Jul20 ltpika wrote: The outcomes are based on the kind of person you play as in this game. Re: Crusoe Had It Easy by ltpika » Wed, 15Jul22 I think those scenes plus the unpixilated genitals are only available to supporters. For me, the pixels are unobtrusive to knowing what's happening.

So if you're like me and can't really afford to be a financial backer, you pretty much get the full experience for free anyway. Re: Crusoe Had It Easy by Jashu » Sun, 15Aug02 How do you get an end other than getting picked up and pretending nothing ever happened when you get rescued?

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I edited and wrote parts of it. Many people get stuck on the "true gentleman" ending - to get other endings, you have to play the game consistently either more "nice guy" or more "asshole". That way more paths open up. Very nice art-pictures.

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What is this Is it a propitiatory Flash engine? Or something else, and then exported to Flash?

Crusoe had it easy happily ever after

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Crusoe Had It Easy