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Also, the save file is very easy to access and hack. There is a billiards table in the bar in Chinatown. To get the achievement, you have to jump onto the table and run into and sink each ball. The first time you meet Tyrone and your wife in the bedroom upstairs, Tyrone takes your money and makes you leave.

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Instead of doing what he says, walk into the room, go into the closet the door in the back left corner and close the door behind you. They are spread across the different areas of the game. Here's a list of all of them.

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There is a picket fence connected cuckold simulator a hedge to the left of the house. Jump onto that and then jump onto the roof. NOTE: This one will not show on the display case in your room. Apparently, you also get the Out of Bounds achievement if you don't have it already. The first hunk of text should be about the player and have the tag Player. You're going to want to change the localPosition variables. They should be lines 22, 23, and Change x to Now load back into the game and you should be on top of the Funky Pop if not near it.

I haven't got this one but I assume you have to complete the Anime Girl Genocide game or whatever it's called for the Cuckold simulator Snitch you buy in the Chinatown Area. You find the Snitch and game in a GameStart somewhere in that area. You need yuan total. Don't insult the lady selling the yuan as she will give you less yuan per dollar. There's also an easier way if you modify your save file.

There are several things you need to change from false to true. Change the active tag from false to true. Same with "Chinatown 4 " and "WatchScripts starts disabled, enabled via story ". Then, you should be able to travel there from Night 1. The game and Snitch will be in your living room. Once you're in, you'll need to click once to be able to look around. Your goal is to kill 8 anime girls and then get back to the car. First, go through the open gate and keep going straight until you're in the school.

Go right and there will be an anime girl under the stairwell on your left. Keep going down the hallway and there will be another anime girl in the first room. Then, go down until cuckold simulator end of the hallway, take a right, and another will be in the second room on the right. Go back the way you came and go up the stairs.

Once you're up, take a right into the theater. There will be an anime girl on the stage behind the left curtain. Go back and down the hallway until you get to the second door on your left. There will be an anime girl in that room on a table. Then, go to the end of the hallway and there will be two anime girls in the room with the white door on your left. Take a right and the last anime girl will be in the women's restroom second doorsecond stall.

Go to Chinatown, take the first left, then a right bar should be on your rightthen a right at the end, and a left once you reach GameStart and find a man named Christopher he's kriz in the code at the end of the street and talk to him. After a discussion about his gf getting railed in Brazil, go back to the bar to enlighten him about the beauty of being a cuck.

Just fall out of bounds on the home area I think. Just go to the edge of the street and jump around the barriers. Tyrone Jr. You should have shut the door behind you You have to leave the door open after you meet Tyrone Jr. I was just walking around when I saw him OOB so I guided him to the edge of the world and got the achievement after he fell off. Go down a few lines until you see "children" : [ and then click on the opening bracket. Use the scroll bar on the right to scroll down until the red line indicating the block of code inside the brackets ends.

Right after the red line ends, there should be a block of data labeled "components". Only thing that's needed is the "y" in localPosition. For me, it's line 46, Change that to something like Load up the game, wait for Tyrone Jr. I haven't tested this. But I feel like it should work. There could also another way that involves editing the save file. I'm not sure if this unlocks the achievement or not, though.

Go to Cheat Engine and, in the long list on the right, select the first memory cuckold simulator, scroll down to cuckold simulator bottom, and hold shift as you click the last one. This will select all of the memory addresses. Maybe s below will work too, not sure. Game Guides. I'm new to this. Coming Out of the Closet You got caught Early Adopter You played the game during Early Access.

Don't be too harsh on it Just play the game during Early Access. Funky Pop! Found a Funky Pop collectible in the overworld. Genocide -- WIP Anime was a mistake. She's never coming back No Escape Huh Not Jesus The pool is filled with epoxy, not water. There is nothing remarkable about standing on it. Just stand on the pool in your backyard. You had to wipe your save data due to my terrible coding. Here's a consolation prize Clear your save data from the main menu. Out of Bounds You found your first mythic rare Funky Pop.

See Funky Pop! Really, man? I've tried to get this by modifying the save file but to no avail. I'll keep trying.

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The Money Man You outsmarted Tyrone and managed to keep all your money How crafty. Start a new game. Clear save data if necessary this'll get you an achievement. Back in Cheat Engine, enter in the search bar under "Value:". Play through the game until after Tyrone steals your money. Go back into the game and play until you go meet DeShawn.

You should get the achievement. Not sure. Going to have to try some more things. What is the meaning behind "Team Sneed"? How to Sneed in Game Rate this article 4 votes : 3.

Cuckold simulator

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