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Witnesses to accidents can see different things. Read and listen to two witness reports of a skateboarding accident, and learn about how journalists structure newspaper reports and use verbs, adverbial phrases and pronouns to create an effect. Transform a boring horror story into a bestseller by selecting effective verbs and adverbs to increase its impact and make it more exciting. Select illustrations that highlight the horror as the story of the Sea Cave unfolds. Edit the comic book adventure called Bushfire to make the story more interesting.

Choose a conclusion for the story and then improve the grammar by looking changing nouns to pronouns, by adding adverbs and choosing saying verbs. A free spelling game where every word from the KS2 spelling curriculum is included. Each word is read aloud, included in a sentence and broken into syllables.

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Ideal for homework or use in class. A game that can help you to improve your use of nouns and adjectives. You get to be an editor who improves a fairly dull story into a bestselling horror story. Select great nouns, adjectives and illustrations to improve the story's impact. A Look, Cover, Write, Check spelling site where you can test yourself on high frequency words, spelling patterns, tricky words or own words easily to test your knowledge.

A fun spelling game where you need to think quickly or it's game over. Fill in the gaps in the words to make a real words. There are different levels of difficulty. For teachers' information the game focuses on vowel digraphs. Learn all about all types of nouns and how to use them. Then test your knowledge on the quiz and game. A super site which explains what adjectives are.

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Test your knowledge of adjectives on the quiz and game. See if you can spot the verbs. In this game you need to click on the robot holding the verb to whack it! Click on the label which has an adjective to feed the spider with a fly.

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The sound can be annoying. Choose a better verb to make the sentences more interesting. The characters are animated to match the verbs. The game is lends itself well to starter or plenary sessions displayed on an interactive whiteboard. Share this :.

Flash games 711

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