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By controlling two characters, one per shift, try to earn k rupees doing naughty services before the 31st day. You can support me on my Patreon! Cumming Hotel is a game about a couple managing a Hotel and trying to earn enough money to pay the last installment of their business. Mixing different genre elements including a traditional J-RPGthis adventure is based on a Slice of Life a not so common genre on West.

In this genre, you can perform or not some actions according to the days of the week. In CH, you'll play with two characters. During the day, you'll play with Bruce, a wolf who takes care of managing aspects like hiring employees, choosing the menu and serving clients.

During the night, you'll play with Kyle, a Rouge and a furry hotel game guy who will furry hotel game the Horny Tower, a place where each floor has a naughty curse and horny monsters. Your goal is to earn k of rupes before day 31 st. If you want to report a bug, make suggestions or even chat, it will be a pleasure to meet you. Feel free to me or use Male Doll medias. Facebook Twitter Instagram Discord Steam. Do you want to complete Cumming Hotel getting all short paths and unlocking both endings?

The Cumming Hotel Guide contains all the detailed information you need to complete the whole game, including both endings. Wanna create your wallpapers and have fun with Cumming Hotel's images in HD resolution? By buying this DLC, you'll get:. You will get access to the following files:. View all posts. Log in with itch. How do you get the bad ending because I can't seem to unlock it unless it's literally just not to pay Mr. Also, I noticed every time you use an item from the Ursula shop, you use up two items but the effects is only if you use one item.

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I'm not sure if this applies to every item though. Hello, Berrys. You're right.

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To get the bad ending you can't have the money to pay Mr. Regarding the items, it's just the ones from Ursula's shop since they are customized by me. The other ones like HP and MP potions are working properly. Bought the game, but I'm a little unsure on how to actually install and use it. I looked through, got WinRAR, and it still didn't work.

Any tips? I couldn't find any bug during this specific scene. Are you waiting at least 2 seconds before closing the game? The 'black scene' is a part of this cut-scene. Can you send your save folder to maledollstudio gmail. I'll check your save file.

Guys, I've ed a new version. Can you test this new one 1. Maybe your save file will not work. I'm having th same problem. I played the launched version on day 14 I upgraded the cleaner then prepared dish 2 then worked on Francis 3. Then on Kyle's turn, he walked out of the inn, to the tower, complained about being bored, then said something or other "idiot" furry hotel game the screen went black except for his picture and the music is still playing but the game is completely frozen.

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Are you guys waiting at least 2 seconds before closing the game? Can you send me your save folder to maledollstudio gmail. Question: would you consider making "no defeat conditions" an option? I understand it undermines the gameplay in many ways, but think of this as an easy mode for people who want to follow the story and the CGs and aren't that good at JRPG and management.

Hello, thank you for your patience and feedback. I think this is an interesting idea, and I hope to work on it before the launching version! You mean you'll consider it? Thats amazing! Btw, I really like the idea of the game, and I love that you went with an uncommon de such as a spiderboy for a protagonist. Ok so I downloaded it and used it and it worked thank you, and I can't wait for the mobile version.

Since you said to report bugs, I think I ran into one when I tried to do the second job at the bar. Unless I'm missing something, I have less than 81 trust, more than desire, more than 15 stamina, and it is Furry hotel game. Pictures below.

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Please tell me if I just missed a minor detail. Additionally, maybe a bug or maybe a feature. Unfortunately didn't take a picture when it happened. May break some peoples immersion, but personally, I'm ok with it since it means less monsters to deal with at bad times. Your game is great fun, and I'm sure the full version will be more exciting.

Kinda wish I could run to the shop to get garlic and then return to the Inn AND get the cook to make a dish. Additionally, though nothing happened when I left during the day with Bruce, I hope one of them ends up being the orcs from Kyles trip to the tower come looking for him, as Kyle mentions his hotel during the first job with the orc.

Again love your game.

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Thank you for the feedback! Regarding this possible bug, I'll make sure to check it. I had similar problems during the closed test, but I thought it was fixed. Can you in Male Doll's Discord or send your save file to maledollstudio gmail. Concerning to leaving the Hotel during the day with Bruce, you got lucky because 3 events may occur one good, one bad and one neutral. Hello, Juan. Thank you furry hotel game your patience. To watch the second part of the 'Orc Massage Scene', you need to have the minimum requirements.

You can check this information by talking to Brimon after you unlock the first scene or you can check it below. You might want to think about starting the daring duo off at the inn and then drip feed information to players as they explore the town at will.

This way they aren't bombarded with line after line after line. Like Saint Cer? I assume that's the deity of the world?! That can be found out by talking to an NPC, maybe even doing a quest to find a lost necklace bearing this saint's image and getting backstory on it. This could be done in a of ways, but an easy way is to show their lives before they got together in 'flashback' scenes. Tone down the orc enemies. A good rule of thumb is that you should be able to defeat most enemies in about shots of your regular weapon strikes.

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I was using the spider guy's special skill and still couldn't one shot them. So this made fights more of a drag than a joy. You may want to create other items for the players to find in the dungeons, because all I found was vegetables and if I could buy them then there was no point to searching for them. Narrow corners are fine when you don't have visible enemies on the screen, but with visible furry hotel game it becomes more of a chore to move around them.

Not sure about this since I could only get to level 5, but are you going to have a boss monster on every 10th floor? If so, then that's fine, but if you aren't then you should have some furry hotel game of barrier every 5 floors to make it so that the play has something to engage with, because after the first few fights I blew through the dungeon just to see what else was ahead.

You've got very good des for the town, though some of the animals don't make sounds, like the horse during and such. Not sure if that was by choice or not, but just thought you should know. More varied enemies. I know you just started, but perhaps mix it up with three enemy types. Orcs - Bats - Spirits, that way the players have some variety to fight against.

More varied skillz, please. While giving the wolf guy buffing and healing and holy skills, that way the dichotomy between them can be more varies. Ultimate skills - If you're going for TP then you should make sure that this skill can do extreme damage because most fights ended before I could get them to this. I'll start to work on it right now! Also, I appreciate that because I'm a solo developer, and there are some things that escape me while I'm developing and managing the whole project.

I hope in the next version some of your suggestions will be implemented. Thank you for your patience [I was on a trip]. I'm working on my own games, so I know that an extra brain can help with the creativity! I'll be glad if you can send me your Discord! Also, I've already played Broken Chains, and I'm looking forward to updates!

Are you 18 years of age or older? Remember my setting for this browser. Yes, I am 18 or older or Return to itch. I'm trying to create other types of gay game experience, so download this game having this in mind.

Furry hotel game

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