Furry vore games

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General Rating. Download Submission. Flash submissions are emulated via Ruffle. Ruffle is currently in development and compatibility is not guaranteed. for more info. Prev Main Gallery Download Next. Panftr Player! Spiritual successor to Barbftr, featuring the same wonderful gameplay you're used to with an array of new, interesting creatures!

Special thanks to ImaginaryZ for coding work! Lord knows this all wouldn't have been possible without his help. Wanna play it offline? Contact me to add enemies to the roster. Includes the rudimentary Monster Achievement system. More will be added to him later! Also this update features darkrolls! Double tap a direction to roll past enemies.

Currently unimplemented in all enemies, but it will get there eventually. Also added cave background, and with Illumoa, an actual reason to use the rolls. Added a new nom to Grawr, along with a lay-down belly for his angry swallow belly.

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Try getting him to eat himself to sleep. Dis burd has a belly that shrinks you if you stick around too long! Have fun playing with dis royal burd.

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He added ToughLizard to the roster. No new enemy, just reed the player to a newer version. This fellow is more about sitting on Pan than eating him, though This update is brought to you by Scourge, bringing you a cool enemy to help chill off in these heated summer months! Making me start to realize maybe I should actually make something here soon. This enemy by guro2, a dragon named Tesla! Welcome, Dra'Zali! No idea how. Will try to fix as soon as possible. Other Enemies made by people that aren't me!

May not be vore stuff! Listed in Folders Panftr. Comment posting has been disabled by the submission owner. Really love the non fatal vore moments a lot in this game. Please keep up the great work as I really love this game so far. Furry vore games hidden by its owner. Farmlover link.

This is amazing. You can clearly see the work that's gone into the animations and reactions! Dannyman12 A maus link. Hey Al, do you think the comments are gonna consist of hundreds of 'When's the next update? Galeon Digital Artist link parent. They're supposed to be hams on the bone, but I am a shark so plastic bottles work too haha. Dannyman12 A maus link parent. In that case, I'll slap them with my So much slappiness that you have no idea. Will a trex be in this like a baby trex from Jurassic park the lost world? TheBudoShin7 link parent. DkRule link parent.

Crieps Digital Artist link. I wonder if having some of the mobs continue to walk around when they are in the 'vore idle' state would add a new element to the game? Like if Dinopotimus would continue to stroll after being idle for a while, going from a 'vore idle' to a 'vore walk' or even just 'walk' state. BladeGShepherd Digital Artist link. Hi there, I just wanted to report what I think was a bug with the dinopotimus. I went through the full vore of the monster before selecting it and when I got to the point where it should have done a vore ending move like the other two seem to doit furry vore games seem to want to end.

This is with both stomach parts as far as I have noticed unless that is intentional, in which case sorry for a false positive. I do like what you've done with this though, it's pretty good! Silenrea Writer link. Very fun and cute. I can't wait to see where this goes and grows to.

Well done.

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I wonder if by this point an entire army will attack anyone who asks about updates for fear of this halting because of it Here's to hoping everyone doesn't pelt you with stupid questions! Min Anthro Artist link. Yay, comments are furry vore games Sinchu9 link. Cwest link. This is awesome! Good job on this one. I particularly furry vore games the non-fatal vore I like digestion, but Non-Fatal vore is cool too!

Puffin app lets me play :D Also, hi der, you're a griff :3 I see the easteregg. Konishu Anthro Artist link. This is like, really cute!! Loved the original barbftr, and loving this one so far too, its really cute and fun! Or maybe I did something wrong XD other than that, awesome and cute work! LionBreed Photographer link. Works on the ios Puffim browser too!

Glad to see because this is pure cuteness and excellence so far. Keep it up, and let us know if you need any support.! Multimagyar Digital Artist link. Pretty awesome and cute. Makes me wish to know more about action scripts so I can make something like this too.

Kirbythestarwarrior2 Digital Artist link. I don't see any enemies? KunaiCat link parent. Mrgames Watcher link parent. Recluse Anthro Artist link. This is adorable. Looking forward to what the future holds for this little project Even though it's just 3 new enemies they are all really nicely made and I especially love the non fatal moments for most of them, the way every pred loves the prey struggles too is such a fun touch and the Dinopotimus that ends up casually and 'accidently' swallowing the prey with tufs of grass to go on a full tour adventure wass very original and cool.

Amazing job with this ,little vore games like this sure are delights to play every now and then, I hope nobody ssstops making more characters for the babftr game and mods. Corro7 Simple Artist link. The arrows at the top of the screen when you get eaten show a rough guide of things that happen when you struggle around.

Arrows on the left are normal, arrows on the right are space-struggling. The icons are kind of achievements you can get for each monster. Finding them all is kind of a way to see if you found all that there is to see. Repty Photographer link. Question: What are the icons from the new enemy for and what do they do? They're achievements. Just play around with the new guy.

Takart link parent. I finally found out. Different preds react differently, and second set of arrows in the menu those that show you the ways you can move shows what can you do with pleasure moves. Please the Therisinosaurus enough and you'll get the heart achievement eventually. How'd you get the mouth achievement? Terin Watcher link. Vorefanaticdotcom Writer link. I do love this game about as much as I like Barbftr. Vorefanaticdotcom Writer link parent. I feel I ought to add, that what I love about this so much is that Pan, our cute little victim of vore, has some personality.

KaydenDino link. Fluffababy Digital Artist link. While mousing through the enemies I saw "Panftr-kuiko" I am confused. Pootdispenserhere link parent. Good work once again Al, you've outdone yourself again. Hinguckah Watcher link. Can i make this work offline somehow? If you download all the separate parts the player, the enemiesput them furry vore games in a folder, and then create an.

PS: The. Hinguckah Watcher link parent. Thanks for your answer i really like the game :. I am doing this, and it's not working. No enemies load up. This works fine with barbftr and the other ones, just not with this one.

Furry vore games

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