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Pirate Search Engine: Bonneteer. Mac Torrents - Mac torrents. RuTor - Russian Torrent Tracker. RuTracker - Russian Torrent Forum. Rustorka - Russian Torrent Tracker. SceneGames - Scene release torrents. Tapochek - Russian Torrent Tracker. Moderator's Choice: CS. RU - Steam Underground Community - Best place for any game, this should be the first place you check. Mobilisim - Mobile apps and games. Ovagames - DDL Games.

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Torrminatorr Forum - DDL games. Oculus Quest users can download games from this thread on CS. RU forum. This post is also helpful. All listed below are trusted repackers with no malware. CPG Repacks. Kapital Sin. Please note that the "crackwatch" website is not recommended since it is not official.

Edge Emulation. Emu Paradise - Use this script to download. The Eye. Vimm's Lair. Moderators' choice: Qbittorrent. Moderators' choice: JDownloader2. Internet Download Manager. Xtreme Download Manager. Moderators' Choice: Real Debrid. GoldBerg Emulator - Emulate Steam. GreenLuma Reborn - Emulate Steam. Lucky Patcher - Patch Android Apps better with root. LumaPlay - Emulate Uplay.

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Only confirmed working for The Sims 4. SmartSteamEmu - Emulate Steam. QuickSFV - Game torrents reddit checksums and generate hash info. WinRAR - Alternative to 7zip. Vapor Store - A store similar to Steam! These don't help much with online piracy, but will make your browsing much more private and safe.

More trusted DNS providers can be found here. Privacy Tools' VPN recommendations. VPN Comparison Chart. Anybody caught linking a website the moderators deem unsafe will have their comments removed in order to keep people safe on the subreddit! We will keep this thread updated, so check back every so often! If you have any recommendations for the Mega Thread, please comment below!

Unsafe sites will be removed by the moderators. Game Piracy Guide. Pirated Games Megathread. Just to be clear. After numerous investigations into the matter, IGG doesn't distribute malware as far as we can tell. There are two versions of this story and we'll never know what really happened. To your average pirate this little drama means nothing.

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If you distribute and make money e. Saying that IGG exploit people for ad revenue is simply unfair. They release tons of games every week and they make money fromas do many of the legit websites, like x or DODI. If you use an adblock, you'll never see them. The reason being that they wanted to prevent people stealing their releases. This reason seems to check out, because all this "DRM" did was to prevent you from removing IGG links from the folder.

Nothing else. So, it's not really DRM, is it? Besides, there is a little program that game torrents reddit this "DRM" from their old releases, should you ever come across it Overall, some of IGG history is problematic and so they should definitely be under closer observation. However, IGG downlo have been safe so far and as far as I know there is just no other source with as many indies. I asked their admins and some subreddits about this and some say it was false positive some say its dangerous. I really dont care about their drama, all I need to know is if the adware was false or they do inject some kind of adware.

I also dont want to move since IGG for me is perfect and convenient. I'm kind of loyal to IGG at this point, and I can confirm that the most malicious thing they have is cracked exe false positives at this point. Which is all cracks. Here is my input to the thread based on probably the 1 post here:. Or: Turning off your antivirus and Windows defender is the 1 rule to pirating. If it is from a site in this mega thread, very likely a false positive. Got into pirated games thanks to fitgirl, but I agree with you for a bit.

Fit girl has repacked or used codex for some games from what I could tell when I downloaded both. I have had 0 problems with codex. I use xatab game torrents reddit of fitgirl just because of how long the install is. I use gog-games. Only gives GOG games so it is completely safe.

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Just don't like how it uses Zippyshare. Sailing the High Seas. Mod Post. Archived Comments are locked. Sort by: top suggested. View discussions in 1 other community. Important Links Why steam unlocked is not there in mega thread. Continue this thread. Completely true.

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Game torrents reddit

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