Gay visual novels games

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Visual novels are already a niche genre of video games, so finding some that feature gay male characters can be very hard to accomplish. But, if you are are on the search for the best of the best, we have you covered. Here are the best gay adult visual novels to play right now. You play as a college senior named Mark who has just come out of the closet and is ready to go on tons of dates with eligible bachelors.

You can check it out here.

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You end up having to solve mysteries while also keeping up with your regular bartending job. Hashihime of the Old Book Town is a murder-mystery visual novel that features hours of gameplay, multiple endings, and takes place in Japan around After failing his entrance exam for college and getting kicked out of a boarding house, Tamamori begins to work at a used bookstore. Strange occurrences begin to happen around him as his old friends pass away suddenly. Camp Buddys is a BL Boys Love visual novel that stars a young camper named Keitaro who has to unite the other Camp Buddy scouts together —there might be some dating in the pipeline as well.

There are multiple routes to explore and campers to romance, with over 75 hours of gameplay. You can check out this gay visual novel here on Blitsgames.

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Chess of Blades is a steamy visual novel that features over 10 hours of gameplay with tons of romance options, several different endings, full voice acting, and much more. Solving some mysteries and romancing people in a royal court setting sounds like a great time to me. You can play Nekojishi right here.

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Gay visual novels games

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