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a dynamic team of bionic teenagers with the Lab Rats Games! Now you have the chance to use the latest technology and go on secret missions! Be part of an exciting journey featuring advanced technology and bionic powers with the Lab Rats Games! It first aired on Disney XD in February lab rats game instantly became a favorite among younger and older fans alike. You might ask. It features the adventures of four daring teenagers as they face challenges in a world of complicated robots, computer systems and sophisticated devices. What is more, they all possess special bionic powers, which they use to complete daring missions!

But how did this all come to be? Donald Davenport is a very wealthy inventor, with a particular interest for computers and the latest technology. What is more, he has a huge ego and an evil brother as a business partner. Once he realized that his billion-dollar company is used for malefic purposes, Donald had to take action! He adopted Adam, Bree, and Chase - three unique children with special bionic powers!

Together they form an unusual family that regularly fights the power of evil. However, the whole story is about to change when Donald meets Tasha, a feisty single mother, and falls in love!

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How will her son, Leo, get along with his bionic step brothers? Will this blended family be able to lead a normal life in the town of Mission Creek, California? There's only one way to find out! Do you know the quiet nerd at the back of the class who always gets bullied? That's lab rats game Leo used to be before becoming part of the Lab Rats team. His intelligence and caring nature had been passing unnoticed for years, as he was at the bottom of the food chain.

However, his life is about to drastically change when he meets his new family members! After hearing about the secret operations Donald and his children are running, Leo immediately becomes a part of the team. Even if he didn't possess bionic superpowers at that time, Leo still managed to be an essential element of the Lab Rats! His enhanced reflexes and passion for computer programming prove to be valuable assets in their missions. Have a taste of Leo's abilities by playing the Mind Over Matter game!

However, Leo doesn't remain an outcast for long. Thanks to his new siblings, he becomes more outgoing and even gains popularity at school! What is more, throughout the series this nerdy guy becomes a bionic teenager as well! Unfortunately, Leo has suffered some severe wounds while being a part of the Lab Rats team. This forced Donald Davenport to replace his right arm and left leg with bionic parts which grant his stepson superpowers. Therefore, now he can generate laser spheres and has super strength, among other special abilities!

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Leo's new siblings have played an instrumental role in his personal development. In fact, the four teenagers all need to work together and use their unique abilities to complete a mission successfully! Let's meet them!

You can even watch them at work in the Bionic Heroics game! Adam is the oldest of the four, and he might seem quite intimidating at first. Even if he isn't the brightest crayon in the box, his super strength and laser vision make him a real threat for any enemy.

What is more, Adam has a very loving and friendly personality. Did you know that he has a particular soft spot for farm animals? Bree, the middle child of the Davenport family, is a feisty and opinionated young lady. Oh, and she is also the fastest person you've ever met! Her bionic abilities include her traveling so fast that she can't even be seen! However, being a superhero and a teenage girl can turn out to be quite a complicated combination. Will she manage it successfully?

Chase is the genius of the family, with a mature and responsible attitude to match. His bionic abilities are also quite impressive, as he can store an entire database in his mind, levitate and practice molecular kinesis. Nevertheless, Chase is only human, and he faces his own tribulations throughout the series! in on a series of incredible adventures, featuring high tech robots and teenagers with unique abilities with the Lab Rats Games. Discover how four very different personalities can come together to defeat the sci-fi threats of our modern world.

From programming an android to sneaking in a highly lab rats game location, many exciting challenges are awaiting! Just keep the importance of teamwork in mind and get ready to have a blast with your new friends! There are currently 9 free online Lab Rats games on our website. You can play the games on your computer or laptop, using any browser. Some of the games are also available for your tablets or Android and iOS phones. The most popular game is Heroes of XD, which has been played times so far, and the lab rats game rated one is Space Lab Rescue, with votes received.

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Leo, the unlikely star of a thrilling adventure Do you know the quiet nerd at the back of the class who always gets bullied? Teamwork is the key in the Lab Rats Games!

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Lab rats game

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