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She is slender, but has wide hips and ample breasts. The son of Mr. Anderson and Belinda's twin brother. The Masculine Mystique is an interactive story written in Twine by barabbas. The story follows the sudden changes in the life of the protagonist Parker Comstock.

Go to boy's gym. She has a classic hourglass figure with large breasts, large hips, and an amazingly slender waist. There's just one chapter of this game and it seems that there won't ever be another one. Fairly short, about 5'6", but powerfully built. A math teacher at Rosestead High and one of your counselors. Mousy brown hair, wears glasses, and is about 5'6". Alex claims to love Shelley and the kids, but is always on stay-at-home mom Shelley's case about the state of their household and the way she handles the kids, while he feels the right to all his extra-curricular activities, eventually admitting to the other three men that that includes an masculine mystique game affair, in wanting to have his cake and eat it too, leaving Shelley without any real practical support from him.

He's usually unshaven. Billy's mother. Even for siblings, he looks shockingly like his sister, Belinda. The Andersons' chauffeur.

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Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Can also give her cunnilingus and a rimjob in her office after class. Can receive a blowjob or handjob from her during makeover after school or can perform cunnilingus on her. Can receive a blowjob, or perform cunnilingus on her, or vaginally penetrate her in lieu of Mrs. Anderson's makeover. Can give a blowjob, a handjob, or get him off with your breasts after a date with him.

A mousy looking woman with short brown hair. A history teacher at Rosestead High.

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Very heavily muscled. One of the wrestlers and students at Rosestead High. Placed in context this was an interesting little examination of the Canadian male psyche in the 80's. Looking for some great streaming picks? About 5'3" with a short blonde bob cut. A fairly small weedy man, bespectacled and soft-spoken. He has short dark hair and a rather delicate looking nose.

Decent-looking, but certainly not beautiful. Unfortunately for Parker the Process has decided he would be happier as a woman You are Parker Comstock, a 5'6" blond pretty boy, about to move in with the Andersons and attend Rosestead High School. Your mother. He'll come find you in the shower later. Nice figure and very sexy in a cute, coquettish way.

The principal of Rosestead High. Season 8 Episode He's in his mid-forties. Masculine mystique game Mort has three children who live with his ex-wife in another town. A cute long-haired redhead with green eyes and freckles. She would probably be much better looking if she made any effort at it. Can receive handjob or blowjob from her in your room. Can give a blowjob to him in boys' bathroom, with Belinda, Leo, and Manny watching.

After examination by Mr. Anderson, can receive blowjob from her, or perform cunnilingus on her after a failed attempt at vaginal penetrationor can receive anal sex from her with strap-on. Can give him a blowjob and receive anal sex from him in boys' shower after gym class. Tanned and blond with brilliant blue eyes. Wrestles in one of the lower weight classes.

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She has dark shoulder-length hair and a decent figure, though a little thick around the middle. The Masculine Mystique has no basis in natural male biology. Never married Blue loves the thought of being in a relationship. Four men discuss their troubled relationships with women. Still I recommend to give this game a try. He is trying to balance his needs and wants with that of his latest girlfriend, self-assured Amurie who generally isn't afraid to state her mind. Though I am not sure every decision adjusts the internal stats. I like the plot, like the fact there may be a way to stay a male.

Not very attractive, but a very good wrestler's build. Looks a bit like Tinker Bell. Decent sized breasts, nice figure, but not spectacular. She has a mysterious relationship with her employer, Mr. The wife of your mother's boss, Mr. Anderson, and your new hostess. This path can be tricky. Very short, probably less than 5'. His mother moves them both into the large home owned by her boss masculine mystique game his family. All Episodes Next. He is the CEO of his own chemical company. A knockout. Good-looking Latino.

Can receive oral sex from him. I fucking love this! Tall, handsome, very well muscled. Blue's friend Alex is married to Shelley, the two who have two young children. It's sad that its unfinished, but all paths are deep and since i knew of this game i came back several times, found new scenes and enjoyed the playthroughs.

He is a good-looking young man, about 6 foot tall with a decent build. Blonde hair in a pixie cut. Slightly too sharp nose, but otherwise nearly flawless. One of the cheerleaders and students at Rosestead High. She's about 5'2" and is cute rather than beautiful with an upturned nose and a mouth that's slightly too wide. An imposing men, he's about 6'4" and masculine mystique game built.

Dark hair and skin. Your girlfriend. There are decisions and erotic content around every corner and the story is interesting but easy to follow even if you just give it a glance over on the search for the delicate bits.

The town's most prominent citizen and school founder believed some people were born the wrong gender and, to that end, created a chemical that would alter a person's body accordingly and added it to the town's water. The Masculine Mystique She is slender, but has wide hips and ample breasts.

She has black hair, green eyes, large breasts, and an ample bottom. He has a defined waist and probably washboard abs. A middle-aged woman, though still quite attractive. Chip Stanley Livingston is miffed when a friend steals his girlfriend. She is an incredibly cute girl, about 5'6" with long dark hair and delicate features.

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The Masculine Mystique. The War Works Hard.

Masculine mystique game

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