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It's just playable through the browser so far. The apk file should work. Just install and go. You have to allow installations other than from the Playstore in your settings. Hey there. Sorry, I can't remember what you have to do at that point.

It's been ages since I played it through. Does talking to you succubus or the Queen not work? If you get stuck somewhere I'd recommend cheating from the main menu up to your current point in the game. Hope that works for you! Sounds like all the pieces are not in place?? Maybe one piece is slightly off? Or, you have to click on the statue's pussy. There should be a keyhole there. I think if you cum anally it causes the harsh option can't remember exactly Pinktea games, for the saving the old way to undo something is to cheat from the main menu.

No, the public version is only playable through the browser. If you download the Flash Games bundle they still work - they just dont work through most browsers anymore. I also had that problem with Mac. The files are NOT damaged! This step by step guide should work.

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It might be this- click on the flashing yellow 'quest' button in the middle of the panel when you talk to her. Happy to hear you like the girl and story. Log in Register. Indie game store Free games Fun games Horror games. More Block. Creator of. Add to collection. Together Again 0. Erotic game involving bondage and submission themes. Short Butt Sweet.

Play in browser. Elven Conquest Part 2 1. Pussy Trainer 0. Elven Conquest 1. Pinktea 11 hours ago. Pinktea 4 days ago. Sounds like you need to just unzip the file. Pinktea 8 days ago. Pinktea 9 days ago. Pinktea 10 days ago. Yeah, Unity for the engine. Spine Pro for animation. Photoshop for artwork. Is this pinktea games Slave Lords of the Galaxy?? Pinktea 13 days ago. Pinktea 23 days ago. Pinktea 26 days ago. Is your machine bit?

If so the game might not work, unfortunately. Pinktea 27 days ago. Yes, quite a bit more to come, though I plan to start something new probably this summer or fall. Pinktea 28 days ago.

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Was it the scene with the bag?? You have to click on the medicine inside the bag!! Ook, good to hear you got it working anyway. And thanks for subscribing! Pinktea 29 days ago. Game should open in the browser Are you using Chrome? Pinktea 31 days ago.

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I want the new version. When will come the new version. Pinktea 43 days ago 1 edit. Sometime in June probably. Newest version is available now on my Patreon. Pinktea 45 days ago. It saves automatically - if it doesnt work it may be your antivirus blocking saves. Pinktea 47 days ago. Thanks, glad it hit the spot for you.

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Pinktea 48 days ago 1 edit. You can download it. After you've downloaded it you need to unzip it with Winzip or winRar. Pinktea 52 days ago. Pinktea 53 days ago. Pinktea 60 days ago. Pinktea 61 days ago. A nipple clamp - you can drag and drop over her nipple to attach it. Pinktea 68 days ago. Pinktea 78 days ago. You have to go to the prison at that point and talk to the succubus. Pinktea 84 days ago. Pinktea 85 days ago. Pinktea 87 days ago. Let me take a look - may be a bug! Pinktea pinktea games days ago.

Pinktea games

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Pink Tea Games