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It's a Japanese urban legend as far as I know. The game if you want to call it that is real. The curse, however, is not.

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If my memory seves me right though, a young Japanese girl who claimed the red room as her favorite thing on the internet went to school one day and killed several of her classmates. Kinda errie That's why I found it interesting. At the start of the vid theres a bit of backstory and it mentions the "Sasebo Slashing" or something like that. Yeah I wouldn't call it game either. I remember seeing this and it was an animation. That was boring as hell. The only cool part was the fact that a pop-up window opened after the "game", like the pop-up in the game. It is real! I've played it before.

It's in Japanese only, and an old game to boot. Never even heard about this one. I imagine if you can't find the game at all then the video maker made it. It's the internet if it's there it can be found. Damn, that's creepy.

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Especially how it opens up the pop up at the end Is the Red Room flash game real? Or did the creator of the video make it? Posted by 7 years ago. Sort by: best. View discussions in 3 other communities. This one? Thank you! Continue this thread. Now I may seem silly Oh wow I should have spotted that. That ruined it for me. More posts from the creepygaming community.

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