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Parents' Ultimate Guide to Support our work! Corona Column 3 Use these free activities to help kids explore our planet, learn about global challenges, think of solutions, and take action. Parent reviews for Reddit. Common Sense says Share, rank, and discuss news -- and adult topics.

Based on our expert review. Based on 13 reviews. Based on 70 reviews. Add your rating. Parents say 13 Kids say Adult Written by CoolMom72 February 4, After reading the reviews, I was horrified at what my kids may have been looking at. But, I did some exploring of my own, and I found that this app is wonderful! My daughter was only using this app for memes, and my son for video games. This app should be just fine for kids if parents already talk to them about internet safety.

This title contains: Positive Messages. This review Helped me decide. Had useful details 4. Read my mind 3. Report this review. Adult Written by Saul P. January 22, Anything goes on Reddit Reddit is a bit like a microcosm of the Internet. There's both outstanding and very questionable content on there. Reddit is made up by "subreddits", or subs, which are sub-forums akin to chat rooms with a specific topic. Lots of it. A sub for every fetish out there.

Pretty much any topic you can think of will already have its own subreddit and subscribers. Anybody can create and moderate a sub as long as they're the first one to "grab" itwhich means that pretty much any topic is up for discussion. It's a great site - but reddit sexy games one that young children should be dropped into.

I am concerned about its use even by my own year-old, as the frank discussions on drugs and crime not to mention all the pornography might be too much for his still-maturing brain to process healthily. Helped me decide 1. Had useful details 2.

Read my mind 2. Adult Written by Conordmcp March 27, Admins are morons Got banned reddit sexy games arbitrarily. When I asked for explanation, all I was given was a link to a message I sent to a subreddit mod team in which I was being incredibly polite overly so, considering how rude they were to me.

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Dont use Reddit. Had useful details 1. Read my mind 1. Adult Written by AmericanNothing November 1, Adult Written by Zaynkr August 29, Good but kids can get in a lot of trouble It is a very good social media app, unlike tiktok or instagram it has subreddits so your kid can stay looking at posts on that subreddit, like a video game subreddit. Adult Written by whispering flowers February 13, Very Including Reddit's subreddits include almost everything so nobody is left without a community of their own!

Had useful details. Read my mind. Adult Written by lisaf92 June 18, Don't use it! A nest of creepy people that hunt young. Is it for kids? Nope, unless you want them to get hooked reddit sexy games with creepy guys wanting specific pictures of them. My kids was on Reddit, nothing special. Talking about some animation she follows.

Since she is young I follow her on the internet.

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I saw she posted something about this show, how she loves it and her favorite character. I also saw 26 PMs, that gave me reason enough to eventually involve the police. Creepy guys, asking sexual things to my daughter. Also asking No, demanding she sends them 'nice' pictures. I did send messages to Reddit, but I did not get a reply back. Which gives me reason to think these people behind Reddit accept it and maybe even in these crazy actions. Adult Written by Starzz3 June 13, Reddit itself seems to encourage herd mentality.

Which is a very bad thing. This title contains: Consumerism. Adult Written by Suzanne May 27, Reddit is a useless platform Reddit is an utterly disgusting and biased platform. They are not at all transparent people and their moderators are another useless lot.

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It does not want facts to reach people and good contents and comments are removed while the fake ones are allowed to continue. Overall not a good feeling to express on this platform. If there was a 0 rating, I would give the website 0. Adult Written by Bancensorship April 20, Censorship practiced liberally I was reddit sexy games Reddit Wall Street Bets and a few other sub stacks…thought it was a place for interesting discussions and debate…NOPE…if you disagree or give an opposing opinion to the liberal millennials who overwhelm Reddit you are banned from commenting for time periods…they operate Reddit like the Chinese and Russians operate their own news feeds…if it doesn't conform to the narrative they are pushing…then you are censored or banned…THIS is the NEW AMERICA…don't disagree with what the New Democratic Party is pushing or their brown shirts will get you.

I do suggest that any family seeking to add reddit as part of their lives do the following before deciding to engage on the site. Create a new to create your reddit. I suggest you question everything and only use reddit under extremely controlled situations. Adult Written by vobrandon November 20, Adult Written by Rajan D. August 23, Content Differs Sometimes it'll show mindless content sometimes someone will post content for learning or maybe someone will post NSFW content. The content differs but overall the website is pretty good. Go to Common Sense Review. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Print.

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Reddit sexy games

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