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From the studio that brought us the psychosexual hellscape that was AgonyMadMind Studio have been seemingly beavering away at their latest title, Succubus. The game is described as a spin-off to the horny horror, though not much has been said about development for some time, until now. In a recent press release, the studio announced a release date and platform for the game, which will be coming to Steam on July 21st, The game essentially succubus games up where Agony left off.

Players will take on the role of the demonic priestess Vydija to seek out revenge on those who wronged her. Much like the game, fans can expect lots of adult content and horror-based themes, including the nudity a-plenty one imagines given such a disclaimer.

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However, unlike Agony, which had more of a focus on survival, Succubus will rely on more brutal action-orientated gameplay. Here are some other things they say the game will feature:.

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The inclusion of a customizable character and hub world are definitely interesting assets. Check out the latest and very adult trailer for Succubus below. Rely on Horror is a free fan site with a dedicated team of content creators. In order to continue to deliver outstanding content, we need ad revenue! Please disable your adblock, or consider subscribing to our Patreon! Become a Patron! Adblock Detected! Thanks from the Rely on Horror team! Rely on Horror.

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