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Following sales ban, hormone-heavy game ditches interactivity and skips to uncensored titillating DVD. Last year, the appropriately named Top Heavy Studios released The Guy Game to the horror of parents and policy makers. By correctly predicting the answers of boozed-up coeds, gamers could eventually see Girls Gone Wild -like footage of females "letting their guard down. It didn't take long for one of the females in the game to come forward and sue the Bermuda shorts off of Top Heavy, Microsoft, and Sony, for using her visage and more without consent.

Or legal consent, rather. The student was, in fact, 17 years old at the time, making her a minor and legally incapable of giving consent on such a matter. Now, it appears as though the temporary holding order on the sale of the game has become quite permanent.

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The most controversial video game ever created - The Guy Game - is no longer available! But what to do with all that footage of the game starlets in action? Got a news tip or want to directly? news gamespot.

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