The guy game walkthrough

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The Guy Game. By Alex Hall Updated: 7 Feb pm.

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Did you miss me??? I'm finally back into the walkthrough writing scene and with a game that's for adults only. It's like a step back in time for me since my first walkthrough for GameFAQs was Sentimental Shooting and it's an adult video game as well. This one though I didn't have to download, all I had to do was rent it. Funny story behind this game as well. I was out for the summer this year in Miami, Florida my second home!

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Just gotta love the spanish woman is all I gotta say. I had never heard a single word about this game til that day. In fact, it was like 2 weeks ago when I heard about this game. YES NO. Was this article informative? In This Article. Summary: Trivia game aimed squarely at testosterone-laden college students, spring breakers with time to kill, and any heterosexual guy with a Dual Shock. Genres: Trivia. Developers: Atomic Planet, Topheavy Studios. Publishers: Ingram Entertainment, Gathering. Release Date: August 31, Presented by Warframe.

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