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Return to Free sexy games. Complete Kelly Redux Virtual Date Girls Walkthrough Complete and totally free games the author can request a non-obligatory financial contribution in thanks or to help him to create new game. Post a reply. Since there are quite a few requests for the wonderful Kelly Redux game, I wanted to provide a complete - and by complete I mean complete! Here is what I did: I analysed the structure of the game and wrote some programs that extract their information, then I use a tool to generate a graphical representation of all the possible routes in the game.

Here is a preview of what I mean: The resulting image is massive x pixels, 8. There still might be some errors, but finding them is not easy If you are asking yourself, why I made this: first of all, I like programming. Second: the result should show you, that this is a quite complex game, so vdategames kelly walkthrough can be no "full" walkthrough, there are just too many paths.

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Have fun with it. I use ACDSee as my image browser works like Windows Explorer but with images and that image looked like a folded travel brochure in size on screen. Yes the size is massive but I don't see it being very useful, unless I think wrigglein the last paragraph was suggesting a walkthrough could not be written typo errors? If that is the case of his meaning then I suggest that his image could be written as a very long HTML using urls to positions. The difficult with that however means you have to have two windows active within your browser, and repeatedly alternate, or have two computers, one running the HTML whilst the other offers the game.

Yes wriggleyour graphic does indeed show what is obviously a very complex scene.

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I did however find some errors in the club scene. These files were structured a bit differently, so my program missed some connections. Check the specific ending you want to see what it requires. Going to your workplace is basically a free influence point and you should do it in every game. Tell me a little about yourself. I was just lying to impress you. What are you gonna do? I'm loving it. If I win, I get a nice naked kiss. Care to me? Anyway, I got the same huge graph and doubted it's usefulness, but it's still a great way to visualize it.

The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.

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I followed your walkthrough to a T and the casino ending just isnt working. I am using the online version.

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Ive done every combination of 1 drink 2 influence I can think of and it ends every time when I ask her to take off her top. Edit: Never mind. Im an idiot.

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I was a paint-chip connoisseur when I was a .

Vdategames kelly walkthrough

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