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Jul 27, This really needs a torrent, i'm not gonna waste file host bandwidth on a massive download like this, it's essentially just a collection of MMD models after all, if i could just get the software and use my own models and animations i would 'cause most of these models are of questionable quality, models that i would never use and just clutters a list that's already hard to navigate as is.

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Aug 5, 6, 8, Sukebeboi said:. JhonLui Active Member. Jan 13, Last edited: Apr 27, I already know how waifu sex simulator models do that, hell i even know how to make my own models and animations from scratch, that's not what i'm trying to say, i'm saying all these extra models are a waste of space to someone like me that prefers quality over quantity and i wish he'd release a version without them so i can add just the models i care about to keep the interface clean.

Reactions: SukebeDude. Jan 15, 4 I believe most of the latest models are extracted from Koikatu. Last edited: May 1, JhonLui said:. Precisation is needed, not to criticise but to give directions to who might need resources. Only some of them ex. So the dev or someone for him is actually doing a consistent job to make them usable. The project itself is surely very advanced, but I feel like they ended up in a bottle neck, both substantially and graphically, [mostly cause it seems they visualized what they wanted to do instead of the result they wanted to obtain, so every step forward brings up more issues and more complicated solutions.

But this is only an outside opinion, I might be very wrong on that. View attachment You must be registered to see the links. Last edited: May 2, If u posted a tuto thanks pls post the linkI might give it a try.

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In the end I'm sick tired of seeing rubbish models and hewaps on TDA bases, and I regret my decision to not learn blender while ago. True, dev made none of the models he put in the game, non the less as you say he kind of standardized them Ik bones and skeleton rework it's a useful work.

Feb 15, 74 Mega has a bandwith limit of 5 GB every 6 hours with the Mega app installed. You would need almost a day for the full collection. Show hidden low quality content. You must log in or register to reply here. Top Bottom.

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